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    reports of the Ningxia regional committee of the CPC and the regional government◆, and gave his acknowledgment of the progress Ningxia has achieved in various aspects of work. Xi s◆tressed unremitting efforts to push for high-quality development, accelerate the transforM

    mation of ◆economic growth mode, speed q

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    up industrial transformation and upgrading, and expedite the replacemen◆t of old growth drivers with new ones. Policies designed to reduce tax burdens on companies and mea◆sures aimed at expanding domestic demand shoM

    uld be implemented fully, he said. Xi sa7

  • Nullamlacus dui ipsum conseque loborttis

    id innovation s◆hould be given full play to in driving growth and enabling industries to achieve high-end, green, s◆mart and integrated growth. He urged efforts to speed up the establishment of industrial system, pr◆oduction system and management systeC

    m of modern agriculture, so that more sir

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